Cervical Cancer screening in Kisii, Kenya

We are finishing our 3 days of clinics here after being warmly welcomed by the staff of the hospital.  They were one of the first programs in Kenya and screen 60-80 patients a month.  We have added to their numbers by seeing 93 patients in the first 2 days and have been able to provide free screenings so that more women can be seen.  Thus far we have treated 6 pre-cancerous lesions.   Unfortunately, one patient we saw has advanced cervical cancer and will need to be referred to Nairobi for further treatment.  We have found that many of the local citizens are aware of this disease and wish to receive more education about the causes.  The owner of a shop that we visited yesterday asked questions about our visit and promised to send some of his staff to be seen.  The HIV epidemic in Africa has made once taboo topics more open for discussion.  Progress is being made!

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