Traveling to make the world a smaller place

Whenever I travel, whether it be internationally or domestic, there is one moment from each trip that seems to exemplify how small and interconnected the world really is. That moment on my recent trip to Kenya happened on my last night at the Imara Girls Home. Back home in Minnesota, I had recently started a Dining for Women chapter and the focus for February was the Kakenya Girls School in Kenya. Dining for Women is a nationwide organization that benefits girls and women in the developing world by helping them to help themselves. Each month women share a potluck dinner and donate the money that they would have spent dining out to the selected organization. I had downloaded a Ted Talk from the founder of the Kakenya school and was impressed with her mission to give back to the community from which she had come and to try to improve the life of young girls. This woman had suffered from some of the same plights that have been part of the Imara girls experiences. Who better to speak to them than a fellow Kenyan woman who had accomplished much despite overwhelming odds?

The girls crowded around the ipad mini to get a better view, interpreting for the girls who didn’t speak fluent English. Murmurs of approval were heard at the end and one girl softly asked if they could view it again. A women in Kenya was introduced to me thru a US organization and I was able to share her story with my new friends in Kenya. It is indeed an interconnected world!

photo (2)


2 thoughts on “Traveling to make the world a smaller place

  1. Congratulations on starting your chapter! The Feb program and the TED talk we’re great. ‘Glad you may it to Kenya….

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