Top 8 Reasons NOT to Marry a Surgeon

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Most people think the daily life of a surgeon resembles scenes from the tv show, “ER”.  It is much less glamorous and events happen at a slower pace than on tv. Although I love my job, there are many reasons my family does not appreciate what I do.

1. At work, surgeons are in command of their schedule and have hired assistants whose job is to make their life easier. When I ask for an instrument in the operating room, it is quickly handed to me. When I enter an order in the computer, someone follows up and performs the function. In my home, I have no more authority than my spouse and unlike at work, stating orders in an efficient manner can be counter-productive to getting matters accomplished with children.

2. I receive 3-4 work magazines a month and often leave them on the side tables so I will be guilted into picking them up whenever I sit down. These magazines often have words and pictures that my children find offensive (think female parts). They are forever trying to hide them whenever their friends are around.

3. As stated in the Top 8 Reasons to Marry a Surgeon – we multitask. This is much easier to make efficient while at work as there are less humans demanding our time. At home, I often start 3 tasks and only finish 1. My spouse is forever reminding me to put away yard tools that I have left laying out because I found one more job to perform.

4. Because we are constantly exposed to very sick patients, we tend to minimize our family’s medical complaints as we deem them more minor. You need to have a broken bone or need for stitches before you will get medical attention.

5. My children cringe when we are in public and approached by a stranger with the phrase, “You did my surgery/delivered my child”. Even worse is when they realize that I have delivered some of their school friends.

6. I am constantly reminding my children of the correct name for body parts when they try to use slang. This usually involves male or female sexual parts.

7. I often need to interrupt a meal or movie and dash out of the house for the delivery of a baby. If children’s weekend activities are more than 20 mins away, my husband has to be the chauffeur.

8. Dinnertime conversations can turn quite grisly when anyone asks me “What did you do today?”. I haven’t been asked this question for awhile.

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