Being a Mother – More similarites than differences across cultures

I recently started reading the book, “A View from Delphi” by Jonathan Odell. Briefly, the story details the relationship of two young mothers, one black and one white, who share the loss of a child but are deeply divided by culture and economics. They find they have more in common than they thought and develop a friendship based on their similarities. I think this is true of most of us; whether we are married, single, divorced, heterosexual or homosexual, working inside or outside of the home, we share many of the same day to day mothering concerns. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a chance to experience the world of another mother or understand why she may make decisions differently than we would. And I have often found that out of misunderstanding comes fear.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to shed some light on the personal stories of those mothers whose lives may differ from yours. A special thank you to those woman who have agreed to speak with me. I hope that I can do justice to their trust in reporting the stories accurately.

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