Help me to Help Haitian Women


Helping Haiti Work, a non-profit that I started in 2012 to provide microcredit loans for Haitian women, is nearing the end of its third year. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.

  • A total of 203 loans in 2 different locations with 100% payback rate
  • 65 of those loans were originated in 2015
  • Women starting their third loan cycle will receive an extra $100 for business growth
  • Establishment of 2 sewing centers that will be constructing reusable menstrual pads and reusable diapers for sale in the community.

The loans have empowered these women to become leaders in both their communities and in their homes. Because we continue to fund more loans each year, other women are starting to dream of the possibility that they could successfully start a small business.

In 2016 our goal is to fund 65 new loans as well as continuing to add $100 to each loan that has been successfully paid back twice. This totals $18,500, nearly twice our 2015 budget.   The women in these communities have worked hard to ensure their loans are paid back on time. We would like to  honor this hard work with our continued support. Please consider making a contribution to Helping Haiti Work as part of Give to the Max Day.


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