The Culture of Sexual Assault in Sports – U of MN football scandal

ct-minnesota-football-boycott-20161216I loved football in high school and college. I knew all of the rules, hung out on the sidelines rather than in the stands at high school games and was one of the few girls on my dorm floor to attend Saturday college games. Beyond college I started to become aggravated with professional football. The salaries were high, the leadership and role models few. Scandals have increased over the years so that now they seem to be expected each season. The recent U of Minnesota football scandal hit a bit too close to home, occurring in the same city in which I live.  As a woman who is known for criticizing professional football,  I realize that my comments around this incident will be seen as an outsider who is looking for every excuse to slam college/professional sports. I  wouldn’t be taken as seriously as a man who loves sports, even though they may share the same thoughts. The thoughts of a fellow blogger, Paul Baudhuin, articulate what I have thought and would like to express on the topic of sexual assault and football. He is a guy who loves sports, a graduate of the U of MN, father, husband and minister. He was the former youth director at my current church. Read his post and then, more importantly, share it with the men/boys in your life. The video at the end of the post should be mandatory for all college freshman.


A Quick note: So here’s my rant on the situation with the Gopher football team. It’s not brief, it’s not as coherent as I would like, and if you’re thinking, “nah, I don’t want to read all that”, I get it. But then all I ask- if you are a man- is that you at […]

via #WeHadEnough of Sportsballs Perpetuating Sexual Assault. — The BelgianFriar

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