The Terrorists Within our Midst


My heart was saddened when I read the headlines on Friday about another bomb incident in London. I thought of not only the 22 individuals that were affected by this violence but also the thousands of Brits that need to use the subway each day to get to their jobs and back home again. Going to work should not involve terror about what may happen before you start your job.  Soon after the news appeared it was listed as a “terrorist event” and further headlines contained the words travel ban, building a wall, immigrants and terrorists. If we can just prevent “those” people from coming to our country we will be so much safer.

But there is a more dangerous, violent and ruthless killer in our midst.  Post Hurricane Harvey, He appeared at a football party in Texas and killed his ex-girlfriend and eight others.  Last week, He walked into a school in Spokane, Washington and killed a classmate. Over Labor Day, He murdered his pregnant girlfriend and then appeared with her parents pleading for someone to find her. And these were only the high-profile events that made the national news in the last 2 weeks. On average, three or more women are murdered by their boyfriends or husbands every day in the US. All of the above killings were done with a gun.

Today, the President of the United States of America, someone who is supposed to be a role model for not only America but the rest of the free world, tweeted a video of himself hitting a golf ball that struck Hillary Clinton in the back and knocked her down. If you watch the video, you understand that the golf ball hit by Trump did not actually strike Clinton. THAT is not the point. The point is that we have an epidemic of male violence in this country and our President is signaling with this tweet that it is ok to physically strike down someone with whom you disagree.

I would challenge every American to think about the real terrorists in our midst – young men who believe that using violence and guns is a solution to their problems. These men are not being recruited over the internet by a religion, they are not recent immigrants from a country in the Middle East, they don’t have long beards or speak a different language. The terrorism that they create is much more prevalent and difficult to stop. They have almost unlimited and immediate access to firearms so that they can destroy before their temper cools down. No elaborate terrorist network is needed for their plans.

Many will brush off President Trump’s latest tweet as just a joke against his former running mate. Those of us who rush to pronounce judgment will be considered uptight liberals and not able to enjoy humor.  If you are a woman in this country, think about what tone is set when we can consider a woman being intentionally struck by a much physically larger man as humor. If the President can do it and Americans laugh it off, why isn’t it justified to put a woman in her place with a fist or threaten her with a gun?

Just imagine if we could use a small portion of the proposed funds for a wall on the southern border of our country and use the money to implement a school based program starting in middle school that addresses safe outlets for anger and treating each other equally. Because the terrorists aren’t across the ocean trying to get into the US …. they are already here.


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